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Boordiya Waangkiny / Elders’ stories of Hope, Resilience and Connection

Boordiya Waangkiny / Elders’ stories of Hope, Resilience and Connection

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Boordiya Waangkiny

I have been very privileged to be involved with the publication of
Boordiya Waangkiny: Elders’ Stories of Hope, Resilience and Connection. 

My journey throughout the writing of this book has been an emotional one. For those that do not know much about our state’s history and its relationship with Aboriginal people, I encourage you to learn more, to listen more, for we cannot move forward as a community without acknowledging the colonial foundations upon which our State was built.

Like other Aboriginal nations across Australia, the Noongar people from the southwest of Western Australia continue to survive the impacts of a colonial history and have shown throughout the past two centuries an ability to adapt to our changing environments, so that our sense of self, spirituality and culture has continued through to the present day.

Noongar people’s continued resilience, connection to culture and hope for the future, therefore, is the basis for this publication. Much of the information is derived from Noongar Elders who have shared stories of their pasts and hopes for the future.

As we head towards Western Australia’s bicentennial commemorations in 2029, we wish to create a future that is not bound by the legacies of our colonial past, but one that shifts the narrative towards a positive societal change for all.

Donna Oxenham

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